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Calm Bomber

The Official Kimberly/Al Community

The Kimberly/Al Community
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This is the official Kimberly/Al pairing community. Welcome.

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Why Kimberly/Al?

1) laylah writes some wonderful Kimberly bloodsmex fics, but none of them involving Al.
2) Kimberly groping Al's leg
3) NIN songs.

AND VOILA XD And then kalikamaxwell showed me to forgottenlover's fics as well as darthneko's pic...I was SOLD.


-Play nice. This means no flames, no character bashing, no wank-wars, etc...and that includes any descrepencies over Kimberly's name's spelling. We know this is a crackful pairing and it's very unconventional and can call for some serious squicking on some parts, but please. If you are in this community, you signed up for Kimberly and Al, and the whole package that comes along with them.

-Remember to LJ-cut anything that is
*an image over 200
*a fic
*an extraordinarily long post

-If you are posting up anything that is NOT WORKSAFE, please remember to LJ-cut it and label it as such. Also, please label whether it's a fic or a pic so that we know.

-Have fun!