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Call for Submissions

(Thanks again to the Mods for letting me post this!)

I'm trying to put together a Fullmetal Alchemist zine (they seem to be called 'fanbooks' around here) and am looking for submissions.

What I'm looking for:
Stories and/or art in the FMA fandom. Gen or slash (shounen-ai/yaoi) is preferred, but I can include het and/or femlash (shoujo-ai/yuri). Rarer pairings are love, but more common ones are good, too.

Stories can be any length from drabble (exactly 100 words) to novella (60,000 words); preference is given to new (unposted) stories. Longer stories may be submitted for consideration for publishing in their own zine.

Art can be line-art or greyscale and can be anything from character sketches to comics.

I'm aiming for start-to-mid-July as the deadline, but it's flexible and can be moved up or back depending on how many submissions are sent in.

How to submit:
Please query first. That means drop me a message saying something along the lines of 'I have so-and-so story/art, here's the header info and filesize/format'. [Header info being title/author/rating/summary/etc.] Please don't send in submission without letting me know first! This makes sure that I've cleaned out my inbox so there's enough room.

Queries can be sent to me here: rabid_plotbunny(AT)yahoo.ca

Questions can be left for me here in comments or sent to the email addy listed above.

Please pass this along to anyone/list you think might be interested. Crossposted to: calm_bomber, elricest, fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi, roys_ass, ruins_fire, true_inversion

My apologies if you get this more than once. Just think -- I'm going to get it seven times... >_
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